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Seminar: The Energy – Transportation Nexus & Personalised Public Transportation

Shivkumar Kalyanaraman, Chief Scientist of IBM Research Australia, presents a special seminar on “The Energy – Transportation Nexus & Personalised Public Transportation”.

The Energy - Transportation Nexus & Personalised Public Transportation

When: Tuesday, 28 October 2014  |  12:00pm – 1:00pm

Where: The Michael Hintze Theatre LG03, Tyree Energy Technologies Building, UNSW

More information and registration at: http://www.lowcarbonlivingcrc.com.au/events/2014/10/energy-transportation-nexus-personalised-public-transportation

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Sustainable Buildings Research Centre Open Day


Booking through Eventbrite.

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Wollongong on Fire

How to Win a Solar Decathlon
As you may have heard UOW’s ‘Illawarra Flame’ House has received first place at the 2013 Solar Decathlon in Datong, China. The net-zero energy house, revamped a typical 1960s fibro house and was designed by students from the University of Wollongong and TAFE Illawarra.
At the forum you will find out all about the scheme from Mark Jones from AEJ.  You get to ask all the hard questions, get a behind-the-scenes insight into the house and find out where to from here for the team.
Forum is happening on 11th september 5:30pm at 3 Manning Street, Potts Point.

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September 9, 2013 · 8:48 pm

ENERGY GLOBE AWARD – Call for Submissions

energy globe award

The ENERGY GLOBE AWARD honors sustainable projects and is given in the 5 categories fire, water, earth, air and youth. The price is presented as National and International Award (more information). Your submission will automatically be evaluated on the national and on the international level.

Please complete either
•the online submission form (preferred option)
•or download the submission form (PDF, 1218 kB) and send your project documentation and supporting materials by email to: contact@energyglobe.info
•or hardcopies by postal service to:
Mühlbach 7
4801 Traunkirchen
Austria, Europe

Submission deadline for the next Award is on 30 September 2013.
More info and submission forms: http://www.energyglobe.info/participation

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“Modernising Building Energy Codes to Secure our Global Energy future”

With the substantial pressure the buildings sector is adding every year to global energy supply, energy security and the environment, there is an urgent need for global policy action to reduce the energy demand of the built environment.
The IEA and the UNDPpartnered to analyse current practices in the design and the implementation of building energy codes. Step by step guidance for effective and successful implementation of building energy codes are provided in the publication. Illustrative examples from IEA and non IEA countries are included.
Register now to hear more about effective approaches to address energy challenges of the built environment.
The Webinar is hosted by the Clean Energy Solutions Center. It will take place on August 20th, from 2:30PM to 4:00PM CEST (Paris time). Space is limited.

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August 9, 2013 · 6:07 pm

Zero Energy Buildings

Professor Deo Prasad from UNSW’s Faculty of Built Environment on the technological, social and political initiatives that will lead to buildings with a minimal carbon footprint.

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World in Transition – A Social Contract for Sustainability

In this report, the WBGU explains the reasons for the desperate need for a post-fossil economic strategy, yet it also concludes that the transition to sustainability is achievable, and presents ten concrete packages of measures to accelerate the imperative restructuring. If the transformation really is to succeed, we have to enter into a social contract for innovation, in the form of a new kind of discourse between governments and citizens, both within and beyond the boundaries of the nation state. 

For a full report, please download from the following link:


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Life cycle GHG inventories

A  list of available third party databases, compiled by the World Resource Institute, can assist users in collecting data for product life cycle and corporate value chain (scope 3) GHG inventories. A summary of each source – including data formats, accessibility, content, and transparency information – is available by clicking on the database link. The list is not exhaustive and the inclusion of a database in this list does not constitute an endorsement by the GHG Protocol.


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EnergyWise Design Workshops

Energy Efficiency is one of the most important strategies that any country, state, city or private entity can undertake to combat climate change. Understanding how a building consumes energy is very important to identify how we can conserve.

As Architects, Designers and Engineers, we have a tremendous opportunity to impact.

Achieving energy efficiency starts with understanding why and how a building consumes energy.

Here are some free online workshops that dissected high performance building design. Topics include Climate and comfort, Basic energy analysis, lighting design, HVAC design, and some more.


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Number Crunching

Recent reports suggest that ‘energy efficient buildings’ are almost never as efficient as their intended design. Findings from the government’s low-carbon building programme, administered by the Carbon Trust, have shown that some buildings consume as much as three times their designed energy efficiency.

For more details, look at the following link



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