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Top five environmental concerns for nations

Ipsos has conducted an online omnibus survey 2nd -14th February 2011. Respondents were asked what are the three most important environmental issues facing your country today?

It is interesting to see how countries differ.


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Sustainable urban and building solutions from Finland

Download from here:


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State of Australian Cities 2011

Residents of Australia’s major cities are using less electricity, leaving their car in garage more often in favour of catching public transport, producing less household waste and raising children who are staying at home until an older age.

Those are a few of the trends detailed in the State of Australian Cities 2011 report which has been released recently.  This latest report has provided a comprehensive analysis of the progress and performance of the nation’s 18 biggest cities.

You can download the report from the link below:


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Life cycle GHG inventories

A  list of available third party databases, compiled by the World Resource Institute, can assist users in collecting data for product life cycle and corporate value chain (scope 3) GHG inventories. A summary of each source – including data formats, accessibility, content, and transparency information – is available by clicking on the database link. The list is not exhaustive and the inclusion of a database in this list does not constitute an endorsement by the GHG Protocol.


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Number Crunching

Recent reports suggest that ‘energy efficient buildings’ are almost never as efficient as their intended design. Findings from the government’s low-carbon building programme, administered by the Carbon Trust, have shown that some buildings consume as much as three times their designed energy efficiency.

For more details, look at the following link



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