Deo Prasad

Professor Prasad is an international authority on sustainable buildings and cities and among the leading advocates for sustainability in Australia. Deo won the 2006 Royal Australian Institute of Architect’s National Education Award for contribution to ‘sustainability education, research and design’. In 2004 he won the NSW State Government’s individual GreenGlobe Award for ‘showing leadership and commitment to the supply of renewable energy’. He has also won the Federal Government’s national award for ‘outstanding contribution to energy related research’. He is a regular contributor to debate in this area in local and international media.

Paul Osmond

Dr. Paul has qualifications in science, environmental management and landscape design. His PhD research focused on methods for evaluation and design of sustainable urban form. He is a Certified Environmental Practitioner, Associate of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment, EARA-registered Environmental Auditor and Green Star Accredited Professional.

Peter Graham

Dr. Peter Graham is a senior lecturer for the Faculty of the Built Environment at the University of New South Wales, Australia. His PhD focused on sustainable design curricula in architectural education. Peter’s first book “Building Ecology: First Principles for a sustainable built environment” was published in 2003 by Blackwell and released in China in 2009 by China Architecture & Building Press.

Steve King

Steve King is the leading architectural authority in Australia on the application of climate responsive design to cultural institutions. He is a former Director of AusHeritage, and is the architect member of a consortium of experts in preventive conservation, materials performance and environmental control. Projects have included a number of smaller local and regional museums, as well as the Vanuatu Cultural Centre, the National Museum Canberra, the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery at Inveresk, Launceston, and the off-site storage facilities for MCA, Sydney. Steve has participated in several AusHeritage missions, to India, Myanmar, and South Pacific nations. Steve regularly writes on his professional blog ‘Steve King about Architecture: Sporadic reflections on values in Architecture, with an emphasis on sustainability’ at:

Michael Newman

Michael Neuman is Professor of Sustainable Urbanism in the Faculty of the Built Environment at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. Prior to joining UNSW, Michael was Associate Professor of Urban Planning at Texas A&M University, where he was founding Chair of the Sustainable Urbanism Program, former director of the Master of Urban Planning program, and founder of the Barcelona Semester Abroad program. He is also founding principal of the Michael Neuman Consultancy.

Malay Portrait

Malay Dave

Malay is an architect from India who came to Australia to pursue his postgraduate degree in the Master of the Built Environment (Sustainable Development) in 2004. He is currently an associate at Kennedy Associates Architects in Sydney. In addition to being involved in architectural practice for more than a decade, he has maintained strong engagement with the academia. As a sessional academic he runs undergraduate and postgraduate courses on sustainability within the Faculty of the Built Environment at UNSW. He is currently pursuing doctoral research in the field of self-sustainable housing at the Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) for Low Carbon Living and is currently acting as the coordinator of this blog.

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