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Help the fight against cancer – MOVEMBER by Warren Neilson (SBE Alumnus)

Dear All,

Thank you so much to those of you who have already supported my effort to raise funds for prostate and testicular cancer prevention research this year!

For the past 4 years I have made an effort to raise donations from friends, family, colleagues and complete strangers in an attempt to rid the world of these diseases. I grow a mustache on my face every November and participate in the fund raising campaign known widely as Movember. I do this because I hate cancer and frankly you should too. It has taken the lives of several of my family members, friends, colleagues and complete strangers over the years. Asking for your donations to support this cause will, no matter how small or large, support a global effort to prevent your uncles, nephews, brothers, fathers, sons, cousins, friends, colleagues and local strangers from suffering from testicular and prostate cancer in the future. This is my last plea of the month to ask YOU to help support the cause and help science and medicine rule the day on the fight against cancer.

To help by donating a couple bucks in this effort simply click on the below link and join the others that have already helped my team raised $735 dollars. We are far off from our $3,000 goal this year so every bit counts.





Thank you all again!

Warren Neilson

(415) 926 1829

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Researching Low Carbon Living

Seminar – Prof Deo Prasad

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Sustainable Design and Development Research Cluster seminar

On Wednesday 8th February, The Sustainable Design and Development Research Cluster hosted its first seminar in 2012. A delegation team of academics  from Tongji University  and the Shanghai World Expo Promotion Centre were visiting New Zealand and Australia.

Professor Li Guangming, Vice Director of Office of Science and Technology and Professor of College of Environmental Science and Engineering, and Vice Director of Shanghai World Expo 2010 Science and Technology Promotion Center shared about the sustainability challenges around the planning and design of the 2010 Shanghai Expo, and the subsequent lessons and longer term outcomes for the site. The presentation was followed by an informal discussion. The FBE Dean,

Professor Alec Tzannes joined the event later.

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World in Transition – A Social Contract for Sustainability

In this report, the WBGU explains the reasons for the desperate need for a post-fossil economic strategy, yet it also concludes that the transition to sustainability is achievable, and presents ten concrete packages of measures to accelerate the imperative restructuring. If the transformation really is to succeed, we have to enter into a social contract for innovation, in the form of a new kind of discourse between governments and citizens, both within and beyond the boundaries of the nation state. 

For a full report, please download from the following link:

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