7th Eco-Peace Leadership Program

ImageUNEP Eco-Peace Leadership Program is pleased to announce its 7th Eco-Peace Leadership Program, a year-long program to find solutions to pending environmental problems in local regions through hands-on activities and research done mostly online.

We are deeply committed to building our technology capacity and transferring information so that international cooperation in the field of the environment can improve.

We support CSOs research institution across the Asia-Pacific region in their quests to find solutions to local environmental problems through our collaborative program with Yuhan-Kimberly, Ltd. This year we will recruit 10 representatives from Asia-Pacific region for our 7th program. We will be support from October 2013 to September 2014. We are providing $2,000 (USD) to fellows who complete project.

We are willing to host Eco-peace Leadership Program Forum on October. We hope that you will attend the Forum and give us your invaluable support and encouragement.
The deadline for application submission is August 31, 2013.

For further information, please contact:

Eco-Peace Leadership Center

Coll. Forest Sciences 1st Bldg #109 Kangwon National Univ.

Chuncheon Gangwondo, South Korea

TEL: 82-33-257-7129, 82-33-250-7368

Fax: 82-33-257-7130, E-mail: eplc2006@hanmail.net

Website: www.eplc.asia


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