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Sustainability Consulting Firm Looking for New Graduates

A growing sustainability consulting firm in San Francisco (Environmental Building Strategies) is looking for any new graduates that are looking to relocate to the US and might be interested in a mechanical/electrical engineering or sustainability consulting position.

For further information and expression of interest contact directly to:

Warren Neilson

Director of Projects


Environmental Building Strategies |

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Call for EOI for AsiaBound Study Grants Program 2013-2014 – Deadline 13th MAY 2013

The Australian Government recently announced the new $37 million AsiaBound Study Grants Program, in support of the ‘Australia in the Asian Century’ White Paper, to encourage tertiary students to consider an exchange experience in Asia as part of their study. The program aims to:

·             increase the overall number of Australian students with a first-hand study experience of Asia

·             encourage more students to become Asia-literate through diverse mobility offerings in Asia

·             enhance the skills/expertise of Australians through access to a variety of study opportunities in Asia

·             support increased Asian language competency of Australian students undertaking mobility to Asia

·             support the institution’s potential to foster ongoing collaboration and cooperation with the host country

During the Prime Minister’s recent visit to China, details were issued on the application process for 2013-14, which has a tight deadline of 20 May 2013.

AsiaBound Grants Program provides grants for activities that provide credit or are otherwise a mandatory component of the student’s course. This could include: short-term study in Asia of up to 12 months as well as the following institution-approved programs:
·             paid or unpaid internships or work placements
·             practicum or clinical placements
·             short-term study experiences or research trips
·             short courses
·             volunteer projects

The Global Education Team within UNSW International will coordinate the submission of all UNSW applications via the International Student Exchange Online (ISEO) –DIICCSRTE’s online application and project management database. Faculties are asked to complete an expression of interest form (attached) outlining:

·             country in which the short-term or semester based project is proposed
·             description of the project
·             statement against the objectives of the AsiaBound Grants Program as detailed in the selection criteria
·             number of short-term or semester based subsidies sought
·             whether language support subsidies are sought
·             ranking for the project against any other projects the institution is applying for under the AsiaBound Grants Program

Priority will be given to funding Projects that clearly satisfy the selection criteria and aligns with the strategic direction of the university as the submissions will be ranked by UNSW.  There is no maximum number of applications that UNSW can lodge, however each Project application may have a maximum of 10 short-term or semester based subsidies for Australian students.

Documents of interest:

·   AsiaBound Grants Program Guidelines

Available at:

·   AsiaBound FAQs

Available at:

·   UNSW AsiaBound Expression of interest form

Available at contact details below.

All expression of interests for short term mobility should be sent to: Michelle Kofod, Associate Director, Global Education Team, UNSW International,<>, extension 55327 by 13th May 2013.

The time line for the program:

AsiaBound Grants Program

8 April 2013​

​Applications open

13 May 2013

UNSW Expression of interest close

20 May 2013

​Applications close

24 June 2013 ​

​Institutions notified of outcomes

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