Recruitment of Master and Doctoral Candidates in the UNEP – Tongji Institute of Environment Sustainable Development

The program provides an educational facility for young professionals in the Asia-Pacific Region and beyond to study and conduct research for the advancement of knowledge on environmental issues as they relate to the new sustainability paradigm.  It focuses on the generation of new knowledge, development of leading-edge approaches, creative innovations and novel applications of knowledge.  It provides advanced education to produce graduates and leaders with the knowledge and skills to understand the issues involved in environment and sustainable development, and to offer innovative solutions.

The program is flexible and at the same time in-depth to a large extent, tailored to the educational goals of the individual student and emphasizes creativity, problem-solving, field-based learning, systems-oriented approach to sustainability as well as interdisciplinary in curriculum design. These programs include:

• Master’s Program in Environmental Management and Sustainable Development

• Doctoral Program in Environmental Management and Sustainable Development

• Master’s Program in Environmental Engineering

More details could be found at

The deadline of admission for IESD programs is June 10th. The deadline of Chinese Government Scholarship has already past, but excellent applicants still can apply for Shanghai Government Scholarship until the end of May.

Contact Person:

Maggie SHEN

Office: +86-21-6598 7790    Fax: +86-21-6598 5059

Address: 903, Zonghe Building, 1239 Siping Road, Shanghai, 200092, P.R.China


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