Masters in Philosophy Scholarship at UNSW – Climate Change and Urban Forestry in Sydney



Arts & Social Sciences
School Social Sciences
Residency Domestic & International
Program level Masters of Philosophy (MPhil)
Value $26,670 pa
Tenure 2 years (maximum)

Research Project Background


The research project is to assess the social, economic and cultural aspects of urban trees in relation to climate change in Sydney.  The aim of the work will be to identify what promotes or works against the further planting of trees in Sydney’s suburbs.  This will provide a socio-economic perspective on the problem of increasing the urban trees in Sydney.


By 2036, Sydney’s population is expected to reach 6 million, an increase of 1.7 million since the 2006 ABS Census. This means Sydney will need to provide 770,000 more homes than in 2006. Much of this development will be suburban infill and redevelopment at higher density leading to potential losses of green space. The twin trends work against the well-documented positive impacts that green spaces and especially trees can have on the sustainability performance of suburban areas.  Trees and green spaces can reduce the need for storm water provision, prevent floods and save on air conditioning, mitigating greenhouse gas emissions and improve biodiversity. Since more than 80% of Australia’s population lives in urban areas which will be affected by climate change and peak oil, there is an urgent need to understand the barriers that exist to further planting of trees in suburban areas. While a great deal of research exists internationally on urban forests, little work has been undertaken that is appropriate to Australian conditions, which include soils with a uniquely low nitrogen content and the frequent drought conditions to which Australian flora is subjected.

The purpose of the Contribution is to award a Scholarship for a Master of Philosophy by research at the School of Social Sciences, UNSW under the principal supervision of Dr Krishna K. Shrestha.


  • Applicants may be either new or existing students
  • Applicants must be enrolling full-time in a Masters in Philosophy (by research) at the School of Social Sciences, UNSW
  • To qualify for the Scholarship as a stipend applicants must be Australian or NZ Citizens or Australian Permanent Residents
  • International candidates may be considered for a tution fee only (no stipend) scholarship
  • Candidates may not concurrently hold other Awards (eg) APA / IPRS
  • Candidates will hold either an Honours or a Masters by coursework qualification in social sciences, geography, urban planning, anthropology, environmental management, sustainable development or a closely related discipline.

Selection Criteria

Candidates will show high academic achievement in an Honours or Masters by coursework program in social sciences, geography, urban planning, anthropology, environmental management, sustainable development or related discipline.

Candidates are requested to submit:

  • Brief (3-5 pages) research proposal
  • An academic writing sample
  • A brief statement outlining how their output will contribute to their academic field and the broader community
  • Curriculum Vitae including 3 referees.

Conditions of Scholarship

  • The Scholarship has the following conditions:
  • The scholarship is payable as a fortnightly stipend, subject to satisfactory academic progress.
  • The scholarship does not provide for any additional allowances.
  • Domestic students: the scholarship may pay a stipend only.
  • International students: the scholarship may pay tuition fee only.
  • Extensions to the scholarship will not be granted.
  • No additional paid leave entitlements are available.
  • Scholarship may be be suspended for 1 or 2 semesters with approval of the awarding panel.
  • The Scholarship must be taken up in the semester for which it is awarded. Take up may not be deferred.


Principal Supervisor:       Dr Krishna K. Shrestha, School of Social Sciences, UNSW

Associate Supervisors:   A/Prof. Phil MacManus, University of Sydney

Dr Marco Amati, Macquarie University

 Completed application forms and any supporting documentation should be scanned and emailed (preferably as a single PDF document) to the Graduate Research School (contact details below)

Denise Miles: UNSW Graduate Research School

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