Dr Richard Dawson’s Research Seminar

‘A systems approach to integrated assessment of adaptation and mitigation in cities’

scheduled for Tuesday 28 February starting at 5pm in Room 101, Civil Engineering Bldg.


The urgent need to reconfigure urban areas to emit less pollution (including greenhouse gases), be more resilient to climate risks and more sustainable in general can be assisted by rigorous analysis of these complex systems. In this talk I shall present the Urban Integrated Assessment Framework (UIAF) that was developed as part of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research Cities Programme.

The UIAF provides a consistent framework for analysis of greenhouse gas emissions and climate risks in the context of multiple drivers of long term change. Subsequently, the UIAF can be used to test the effectiveness of a wide range of mitigation and adaption policies, including land use planning, modifications to the transport systems, changing energy technologies and measures to reduce climate risks under different scenarios.

A case study in London (UK) shows that risks from heatwaves, droughts and floods could more than double and CO2 emissions could rise 28% without adaptation and mitigation over the 21st century. Notably, socio- economic drivers are responsible for a greater proportion, compared to climate change, of increased weather risks. There are also trade-offs in climate risks and energy demand from adaptation policies. The work highlights the need for portfolios of adaptation and mitigation options, providing the evidence to motivate climate-sensitive development in London.



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